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Once we inspect your home and you make your home purchase many people will remodel their new homes.

Unfortunately, in the Long Island and New York City area the #1 consumer complaint involves home remodeling.

After having been in the remodeling business for many years and seen a variety of shoddy jobs and situations where people were being taken advantage of,  I decided that I would write a book on how not to get into a BAD remodeling situation. We include this book with all our inspections.

Don’t Let Anybody Work On Your Home… Until You Read This Book!

A Home Remodeling Survival Guide

By Hank Jaworowski

Table of Contents
About The Author

Phase I
What is Home Remodeling?
Ways To Determine Your Project and Budget
Large Project or Small Project

Phase II
Deciding on Who Does The Project
Thinking About Doing The Project Yourself
Types of Contractors and Subcontractors
Being Your Own General Contractor
Why You Should Not Just Hire Anyone
Thinking of Hiring a Friend
Where To Find Qualified Remodelers
A Word on Someone Who Comes Looking To Do Your Remodeling Work
Evaluating Remodeling Help:

Check Licenses & Better Business Bureau                                  

Making Phone Contact                 

Big Company or Small Company   

Contacting References                 

Evaluating Your Prospects           
Case Study-Kitchen Remodel       

Preparing a Contract                    
Contract Sample                          
Change Orders                             
Building Permits & CO’s              
Home Remodel Project Started     
Home Remodel in Progress          
Home Remodel Project Completed     

Phase III
Production of Your Project
Project File    

Resource Book #2 Precision's Own
           "Ultimate Home Book"
 A Guide To Operating Your Home

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