Our Home Inspection Fees and Services


Please call us and we would be happy to review your home inspection needs. Every property is different so when you call us 631-360-7722 and please be ready to tell us:

  • Interior Square Footage (Not Including Garage)
  • Age of Property
  • Address
  • One Family or Multi-Family House (Number of Kitchens)
  • Ancilliary Structures (Pool, Gazebo, Tennis Court, Bulkhead, Spa, Etc.)

 Energy inspection and separate report. We conduct a walk-through of the home and collects 45 data points related to home energy. We then enter the data into a web-based energy calculator developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy to: estimate the home's yearly energy usage; pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies; calculate a score based on these estimates and develop recommendations for energy improvements -  $125 when included as part of a full inspection

 Windstorm Certification Inspection - this inspection is required by your insurance company if you live in a flood area add $295 if part of full inspection, $475 if separate, $200 for every visit required for any corrections on property needed after initial evaluation


We offer a wide range of environmental testing which includes:

1) Mold Testing of Air- $225 per sample
2) Mold Sampling- $165 per sample
3) Asbestos Sampling- $225 per sample
4) Lead Paint Surface Testing- $125 per swab
5) Lead Testing of Soil, Air, Waste Water- $225 per sample
5) Drinking Water Testing- (lead-$250) all additional metals add $20