Independent Home Inspectors Should Only Be Hired

Anyone who has ever bought a Long Island or New York City real estate property will tell you that one of the most important things that you can do is to have a qualified home inspector come through and do a thorough inspection to make sure that there aren't any hidden surprises waiting for you when you take possession.

A Long Island Home Inspection or surrounding area inspection, as most people are aware of, can show you problems or potential problems with a property that you might not be able to discern yourself. It is vital that you hire a qualified Long Island Inspector to do this job for you.

While your agent will often recommend the name(s) of a home inspector(s) to you, it is preferable that you hire someone that you find on your own to do the home inspection. The sale of the house could very well depend on a "Good" Inspection. A "GOOD" Inspection would be one that finds very little wrong with the property. A "agent recommended" inspector might purposely miss items that could costs you dearly once you move in out of a feeling of obligation to an agent who sends them business.

To avoid any chance of conflict of interest coloring a home inspector's results, it is recommended that you hire someone not connected to your realtor at all.

When it comes right down to it, a good Long Island Home Inspection from Precision Home Inspection of America, a reputable INDEPENDENT Home Inspection Company who always sends 2 inspectors, can make a big difference in the thoroughness of the home inspection thus saving you countless amounts of time and money once you move in.